Time and Labor Processes Simplified Through the Use of a Web-Based System

by Steve Usarzewicz, Director of Time and Labor for Primepoint HRMS & Payroll

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Employees clock in and clock out.  They take a personal day.  There’s a holiday.  Or wait, they worked a holiday?  Now there’s overtime.  Wait, what?  There’s also a union contract for different overtime rates?

Keeping track of employees’ working hours can be a time-consuming and intricate task, and many organizations still complete the process manually. The use of a web-based Time and Labor system automates this process to ensure employees are paid on time without mistakes. It allows for increased efficiency and accuracy in all areas of the job, including reporting, overtime tracking, productivity hours, and employee participation. This type of online system provides the opportunity to save both time and money, especially when the organization has a variety of complex needs.

The need for reports containing data that is gathered through timesheets is a frequent occurrence for all organizations. A web-based Time and Labor system stores this data over time, so users can easily run reports for the specified requirements and time period without needing to compile the information themselves. In addition to the simplicity of reporting, this compilation of data can help users recognize patterns of behavior among the staff, such as time-off tendencies, allowing for more informed planning and strategizing.

The scheduling of overtime hours is a frequent concern among many organizations. It is often more difficult for an administrator to be aware of staff nearing overtime status when using manual timesheets. A web-based Time and Labor system can provide an efficient method for recognizing these situations while employing notifications to ensure the users are aware of potential overtime occurrences. The web-based timekeeping method also allows for administrators to compare the employees’ scheduled work time to their actual work time.

Another valuable outcome of using a web-based Time and Labor system is increased productivity. Having Time and Labor information stored in an online system allows for the data to be directly transferred to payroll. This eliminates the need for manually inputting or interpreting the data, ultimately increasing accuracy as well. The opportunity to gain more productive hours than administrative hours can save the organization time and resources.

In addition to providing benefits for administrators at the organization, employees may find value in an online Time and Labor system through an employee self-service feature. The self-service aspect of the system allows employees to view their own timesheet, request time off, and view schedule changes, among other functions. As a result, administrators and managers spend less time attending to the needs that employees are now able to accomplish on their own.

There are a multitude of advantages for using a web-based Time and Labor system over a manual application. In addition to the benefits mentioned previously, the potential to use multiple platforms (such as mobile, tablet, or desktop devices) allows for increased convenience while completing this task. A web-based system also allows an organization to reduce its use of paper; for example, digital signatures can replace the need to manually sign off on timesheets. The approval process can become more structured and formalized, if desired, with the ability to assign multiple tiers of approval. Finally, a variety of hardware can be installed and utilized to reduce employee error and ensure integrity of use for employees clocking in or out.

Efficiency and accuracy encompass the advantages of utilizing a web-based system for Time and Labor needs. These systems are easy to use, convenient, and cost-effective. Overall, this allows the organization to save time and resources, making these web-based systems even more valuable.

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