Events on 27 Jan , 2017

NJAC is now accepting seminar proposals for its 2017 Annual Conference.  The deadline to submit your proposal is Friday, January 27th.  The number of workshops are limited, so please submit your proposal with all necessary attachments to Loren Wizman, NJAC Business Development Director. Submissions must be emailed to loren@njac.org.  The Conference Committee will give priority consideration to seminars approved for continuing education credits by the appropriate State agencies and the Rutgers University Center for Local Government Services.

When submitting your proposal, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Your company must be a NJAC business associate member;
  2. All counties are considered members of NJAC;
  3. Seminar session must be at least 50 minutes and no more than 60 minutes long;
  4. Seminar proposal must be typewritten in Garamond font and pitch 9;
  5. Seminar proposal must contain a title and one page informative summary of the seminar (these details will be included in the NJAC Annual Conference Journal distributed to our conference attendees);
  6. Seminar proposal must list the moderator (if applicable) and speakers;
  7. Seminar proposal must include handouts, such as power point presentations, brochures and/or other similar materials.

The deadline for seminar proposal submission to loren@njac.org is Friday, January 27, 2017.  

Ms. Wizman will notify you by Friday, April 28th, if your proposal was accepted and approved for continuing education credits.  If approved she will also inform you of the time, location, and other pertinent details concerning your seminar session for the conference.

Conference individual registration, exhibit registration, and sponsorship opportunity materials will be published on our website by January 31st.  Please check back.